Project Prima Volta opens up a whole new world of hope, opportunity and shared experience to young people...

Project Prima Volta. Finding, voices, shaping futures.

Do you remember what it was like being a teenager?  Your parents were a handbrake, school was a drag, you were desperate to fit in with the crowd, you had more questions than answers, you didn’t feel in control of much in your life, and nobody listened.

Think about what it must be like for young people today. Life as a teenager can be mighty intimidating – peer pressure is all around, home life is often chaotic, parents are distracted and influences abound – some positive, others positively destructive.

At best, teenagers manage their way through these years, somehow. For others, their teen years are all about adversity. Adversity strikes teenagers randomly, without discrimination or favour, creating despair in families coping with suicide, substance abuse, bullying and other devastating social challenges.

Whatever generation we are born into, one thing is for sure: how our teenage years play out determines our capacity to deal with all that life throws at us as adults. The breaks we get and the opportunities we experience as teenagers are in large part responsible for the quality of life we have as grownups.

Napier Music Teacher

That’s why Project Prima Volta exists – to give teenagers the opportunity to find their own voice, through song and in life. Hawke’s Bay’s Prima Volta Charitable Trust offers kids a positive path to finding purpose and meaning, using music and performance. Project Prima Volta opens up a whole new world of hope, opportunity and shared experience to young people who only have one thing in common – their ability to sing in tune.